BIS is introducing the second phase of mandatory gold hallmarking from June 1st


After successfully implementing mandatory hallmarking by the Bureau of Indian Standards in 256 districts across the country effective June 23, 2021, with more than 3,000 gold items being HUID hallmarked daily, BIS will initiate the second phase of mandatory hallmarking beginning June 1, 2022 .

This was notified by the Government by the Hallmarking of Gold Jewelery and Gold Artefacts (Amendment) Order, 2022, dated 4 April 2022, according to a BIS publication published here on Friday.

The second phase of mandatory hallmarking includes an additional three karat gold jewellery/artefacts such as 20, 23 and 24 karat as mentioned in the Indian Standard IS 1417.

The list of counties is available on the BIS website

BIS has made a provision to allow a regular consumer to have their unhallmarked gold jewelery tested for clarity at one of BIS’s accredited Assaying and Hallmarking Centers (AHC).

The AHC carries out the inspection of gold jewelry by ordinary consumers as a matter of priority and provides the consumer with an inspection report.

The inspection report issued to the consumer gives the consumer assurance of the purity of their jewelry and is also useful when the consumer wants to sell the jewelry that is with them.

The charges for testing gold jewelry up to four items are Rs 200. For five or more items the charges are Rs 45 per item.

The detailed guidelines for consumer testing of gold jewelry and the list of approved testing and hallmarking centers can be found on the BIS website.

The authenticity and purity of the hallmarked gold jewelry with HUID number purchased by the consumer can also be verified by using “Verify HUID” in the BIS CARE app, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

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