Maruti Suzuki earnings jump 51% to 1,875 crore in January-March


Total consolidated revenue from operations was £26,749.2 million.

Total consolidated revenue from operations was £26,749.2 million.

The country’s biggest automaker, Maruti Suzuki India, on Friday reported a 51.14% rise in consolidated net profit to £1,875.8 billion in the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2022.

The company had reported a consolidated net profit of ₹1,241.1 million for the same period of the previous fiscal year, Maruti Suzuki India said in a regulatory filing.

Total consolidated income from operations came to £26,749.2m compared to £24,034.5m in the fourth quarter last year, it added.

At 4,88,830 units, total vehicle sales in the reporting quarter were 0.7% down on the prior-year figure. Domestic sales came in at 4,20,376 units, down 8% from the fourth quarter of fiscal 21, the company said, adding that exports came in at 68,454 units, an all-time high for a quarter.

For the year ended 31 March 2022, the company announced that its consolidated net profit was £3,879.5 million compared to £4,389.1 million in FY21, a decrease of 11.6%.

Total consolidated income from operations for FY22 came to £88,329.8m compared to £70,372m in FY21, it added.

The company sold a total of 16,52,653 vehicles during the year, up 13.4% year-on-year, it added, adding that domestic sales stood at 14,14,277 units, up 3.9% % compared to fiscal year 2020-21.

“Production during the year was impacted by an estimated 2,70,000 vehicles, mostly domestic models, due to the shortage of electronic components, resulting in approximately 268,000 vehicles booked by customers at the end of the year,” said Maruti Suzuki.

In addition, the first quarter was disrupted by the second Covid wave, it said.

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