Tata New is expanding the value proposition for Indian consumers, says the group’s chairman


Tata Sons chairman N. Chandrasekaran said on Thursday that the entire goal of releasing the super app Tata New is to be a “trustworthy” partner for Indian consumers and to meet their “all needs” on one common platform fulfill.

“At Tata Digital, our goal is to be a trusted partner for a better life for the Indian consumer. There is currently no solution designed with the Indian consumer in mind,” he said while discussing the philosophy behind the launch of this app, which was officially unveiled on Thursday.

Last week, Tata Digital unveiled the app, which received an “overwhelming response from consumers,” the company said.

Company executives said that so far more than 2.2 million consumers have registered to purchase goods and services from Tata Group companies whose apps are embedded in the super app.

“Over the past few decades, Tata Group has created several consumer platforms, but all platforms have been operational [silos]. With Tata Neu we have brought everything under one platform,” said Mr. Chandrasekaran.

He said the super app brought “a lot of synergy” for the group and “massively expanded” the value proposition for Indian consumers.

He said that given the breadth of opportunities in product trade, service trade and financial services, “we believe we will make Tata Neu a one-stop place to meet the demand of Indian consumers.”

He explained that the core book for Tata Neu grew out of the idea of ​​Bridgital, and said a range of categories and services would soon be introduced, including tech innovations like an artificial intelligence-driven personal assistant for customers.

Emphasizing that Tata New has brought together all brands in the group and created compelling value for customers, he said Tata Group assembled the best teams to develop the super app, which will contribute to “solving problems of the consumer” would flow in.

“We will certainly deliver strong financial results,” he said. In the coming months, more Tata companies will join the Tata New platform and products from other brands would also be available to consumers, he said.

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