Mark Emmert resigns as NCAA President

Mark Emmert resigns as head of the NCAA.

Mark Emmert resigns as head of the NCAA.
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Mark Emmert yesterday announced his retirement and resigned as NCAA President, a position he had held since November 1, 2010.

There is much we can and have said about the man and all the great things he has accomplished in his capacity as President. So here at Peppystores we decided to list them all for you so we can all look back at the man who has done so much for collegiate athletics over the last two decades.

But before we get to that list, let’s look at the man and how he got here.

Mark Emmert was born on December 16, 1952 in Fife, Washington, which made him a Sagittarius. He attended Fife High School and graduated in 1971. While he would one day become President of the University of Washington, he did not attend the Seattle School straight out of high school. He first attended a Green River Community College in Auburn, Wa., where he studied for two years before transferring to the University of Washington in 1973 and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1975 from the University of Syracuse.

With all this learning, Emmert entered college life as an administrator, hopping from school to school, beginning with North Illinois University, then Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, then Montana State and Uconn and LSU before returning to his home state in 2004 when he became president of the Washington Huskies.

But sports fans got to know Emmert when he took on the role of president of the NCAA, the governing body of college sports, in 2010, a position previously held by Myles Brand.

So that’s how Mark Emmert came here, without further ado laboriouslet’s count his great decisions as NCAA President.

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