Kevin Durant responds to Charles Barkley and other critics on IG


Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant
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Last but not least, you have to respect Kevin Durant for always staying on the mark. The Brooklyn Nets ended one of the most disappointing seasons of all time swept Eliminated in the first round by the Boston Celtics and becoming the first team in the 2022 NBA Playoffs. Your experiment didn’t work. They gutted their roster to take on James Harden last season. Jarrett Allen became an All-Star, defense faltered, the Nets lost three first-round picks, and from January 2021 to February 22, the trio of Harden, Durant and Kyrie Irving played 16 games together. Since the Nets acquired Irving and Durant ahead of the 2019-20 season, they’ve won exactly one playoff series (yes, I know Durant didn’t play that first season).

The Nets season may have come to an end last night as they tried to wring some desperate minutes and charges from Blake Griffin and Scott Foster, bursting in like a wrestling heel and knocking Jayson Tatum out on that Phantom 6 foul, but no power the world would expand this series another game.

The morning after, Durant might be packing for vacation, but not without addressing something Charles Barkley said Sunday night. Barkley had to get rid of something on his chest – shock. He felt Trae Young wasn’t being criticized harshly enough for his shortcomings against a strong Miami Heat defense. As one of the greatest men to ever host a television show, Ernie Johnson blamed Barkely for what happened to Kevin Durant’s struggles against the Celtics. Barkley and Durant had theirs problems in the past he hesitated briefly, but this is Charles Barkely, he can’t and doesn’t want to avoid any topic. He made them Point that although Kevin Durant was the undisputed best player on his team, they have never won a championship.

Durant has apparently been sticking to that for a few days and expressed his feelings on Instagram with four pictures of Barkley as a player. One shows Barkley on court in his rookie season with a killing spree from teammates in Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Andrew Toney and Maurice Cheeks. There’s a picture of him in All-Star jerseys with Cheeks and Erving and two Houston Rockets photos with Barkley alongside Hakeem Olajuwon, one with Clyde Drexler and one from that awful lockout season with Scottie Pippen.

Ironically, Durant missed out on the strongest team, on which Barkley played with the Phoenix Suns and young all-stars Kevin Johnson and Dan Majerle. Durant didn’t stop there. He took to Twitter for those who dare question him for stalking Barkley. NBA Twitter star World Wide Wob made it clear that the NBA on TNT production crew could make the whole show out of him tonight. your gone fishing picture Last night, as Irving led the nets to the end of the flat earth while wearing a tinfoil hat, was truly a chef’s kiss. durant answered to him with: “An army of producers against the god. Just another Tuesday.”

Durant went back and forth with a little more accounts, and frankly, I respect him for it. With the money he’s got, two championship rings and an MVP, there’s no reason to react to anything and write dozens of stories like the ones you’re reading right now. It’s better to call someone from the dressing room to pack your bags, book a hotel, book a flight, pick you up, and take you to JFK airport right away for a two-week vacation. I might text my loved ones so they don’t disturb me, but then my phone is set to do not disturb. But that’s why most of us aren’t among the top 15 players in NBA history. Durant stuck his face straight into the buzz saw at the age of 33 after arguably his worst performance of his entire career in that first-round loss.

The man doesn’t waver. He enjoys playing ball, his podcast and using social media to defend himself against people who dare smear his name. He said in one interview With Barkley at the start of the season, what he entertains on Twitter is different than what he did in the days of his Burner accounts. He just thinks now that it’s a part of life and that it’s best to just adjust.

No criticism is too small for him to respond to, even if more than 24 hours have passed. Durant doesn’t break the character, and as odd as I may find this character to be, it’s at least consistent.

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