Entertainment entrepreneur Karnesh Ssharma will unveil a women-centric OTT platform in 2023



Karnesh Ssharma, an entertainment entrepreneur, said he will launch Clean OTT, a women-centric original content streaming platform, by the first quarter of calendar 2023.

Clean OTT content would include international and regional projects in films, web series and documentaries, said Mr. Ssharma, who recently announced a $54 million content deal with Amazon Prime and Netflix for his production company Clean Slate Filmz.

The female-centric OTT channel would originally feature works curated and produced by producers from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The library would also showcase the credentials of a team of directors, screenwriters, actors and producers associated with Clean Slate Filmz.

Mr Ssharma, Founder of Clean OTT, said: “I’ve always believed in the power of storytelling to move hearts and minds and I recognize the responsibility that entertainment platforms have when it comes to producing and cultivating stories promote that do not support prejudice. For centuries, patriarchy has defined storytelling and influenced narrative change.”

There is a unique opportunity to grow content in India, he said. “For example, women make up 50% of viewers in the country, but most of the content is male-centric or only secondarily represents women,” he added.

To be available to consumers in India on an annual subscription model, the channel would also be launched in the UK, US, Canada and UAE to cater to the Indian diaspora.

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