Camila Cabello shimmers at the opening ceremony of the UEFA Champions League.

The Cuban-American singer, who was born in Cojmar, Cuba, sang in front of the Real Madrid-Liverpool season finale in Paris.

“A few of hours ago I was feeling nervous, but now I’m feeling extremely happy,” Camila, who rose to stardom as a member of Fifth Harmony, said. Because I was thinking to myself, “Everyone in Europe is watching, and I enjoy being here.”

Some of these videos are ridiculous — people are climbing over one other and putting their lives on the line simply to get inside. It’s unclear whether these are folks who bought tickets but were turned away or simply hooligans trying to get in for free.

Cabello, who grew up watching the World Cup with her family every four years, was a perfect choice for the role. “It’s the one sport I actually understand and the one that gets me the most excited,” she remarked. “I’ve always wanted to go to a soccer match.”

Fans took to social media after the concert to give Cabello a virtual standing ovation. Cabello was even trolled on Twitter by a fan who said she radiated World Cup vibes. “, a fan remarked “The performance by Camila Cabello was breathtaking. It reminded me of the World Cup, not just the Champions League. It’s fantastic how she’s reintroduced culture to football.”

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