We should be technology neutral, says Takeuchi of Maruti Suzuki


The country’s largest automaker pursues a variety of technologies for society and the environment

The country’s largest automaker pursues a variety of technologies for society and the environment

Maruti Suzuki wants to be technology-neutral and pursue a variety of technologies that have the potential to contribute to society and the environment, said the new managing director and CEO of the country’s largest automaker, Hisashi Takeuchi.

Mr. Takeuchi, in his first media interaction after taking the position in April, added that the transition from current automotive technologies to newer technologies like electric vehicles (EV) should be smooth, especially for an industry that employs many people. “It’s disruptive innovation, but we shouldn’t disrupt the industry,” he said.

He pointed out that experts expect a 10% market share for electric passenger cars by 2030, which means that the remaining 90% of vehicles will continue to be internal combustion engine (ICE) or a combination of an ICE with hybrid technology. or maybe some other technology.

“Maruti Suzuki’s position is that whatever is good for India, good for the environment and good for people, any technology we should explore… we see EV is one of the answers… At the same time, we are becoming other technologies like CNG vehicles are pursuing…Ethanol also has great potential, hybrid technology is also an important technology,” said Mr. Takeuchi.

He added that the company will introduce “powerful hybrid technology in the not too distant future” and believes this technology can make a big contribution to India’s carbon emissions situation. It can be developed quickly because it doesn’t need charging infrastructure like electric vehicles, said Mr. Takeuchi.

With increasing concerns about EV safety in India due to an increase in two-wheeler fire incidents, Maruti Suzuki Managing Director said that the environment in India is difficult given the very high temperatures and the company has therefore conducted extensive testing of the Wagon R. About 50 Wagon R electric cars will be operated on Indian roads under various conditions to ensure “the system is free from these accidents and we can manufacture safe vehicles for customers”.

Mr. Takeuchi added that he is very excited to take the driver’s seat of Maruti Suzuki, Suzuki’s largest business, that there is tremendous growth potential in India and his focus is on bringing the joy of mobility to as many Indians as possible as possible.

In order to remain the market leader, the company will focus on all segments of the market, including the small car segment, which is the company’s strength in India.

“Mobility is joy for people; Being mobile gives you freedom… My vision is to bring that joy to as many people as possible in India and for that small cars are also important, not just SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) and other big cars… What what we need to do is more technological improvement, more localization and more cost-cutting activities…to create more affordable cars for Indians,” he said.

Mr. Takeuchi said that while there is strong demand for small cars, SUVs are gaining share of the auto market, in part because small cars are becoming more expensive with higher input and material costs, as well as rising oil prices. “We have to work really hard now because this is our strength and this is where we can contribute to Indian society,” he said.

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