Walkaroo launches new unit in Rajasthan


Walkaroo International will invest in a new plant in Rajasthan this fiscal year to manufacture printed flip-flops and Hawaiian shoes, MD V. Noushad said.

The facility will have a total production capacity of more than one lakh pair per day and initial production would be 60,000 pairs per day. “The potential for this shoe segment is very high,” he said.

Walkaroo, which ended FY22 with total sales of £1,850m, would invest £75m in the Rajasthan plant over two years. It currently has 12 units across the country. The company expects sales growth of 20% in the current fiscal year and is evaluating the potential of establishing a unit in Africa. It has a plant in Bangladesh and would expand capacity there as well, Mr Noushad said.

The steep rise in raw material prices is currently the main concern for shoe manufacturers, he added.

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