Robert Griffin III is fighting for a spot on an NFL roster


Are teams really still interested in hiring Robert Griffin III?

Are teams really still interested in hiring Robert Griffin? III?
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Robert Griffin III is back and talks about a comeback to the NFL. Griffin turns to the worst possible target on the minds of most Washington Commanders fans – he says he would love to return with the Dallas Cowboys.

Seeing Griffin playing a similar style to Dak Prescott, it would make a little sense for the Cowboys to kick the hoops. It makes a lot of sense for Griffin since he grew up in Texas. I get the part. I also understand that there is very little chance that Robert’s dream will come true. But Griffin didn’t stop with the cowboys. Oh no. He also named the Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears as teams he would like to play for.

go back Home in Texas with the Dallas Cowboys, I know a lot of Washington fans don’t want to hear that, but that would be a great situation for me. The Atlanta Falcons with (Marcus) Mariota and (Desmond) Ridder would be a great situation for me. Going to Chicago with Justin Fields to try and help as much as possible in that quarterback space would also be a great situation.

The last time we saw RGIII in the NFL was during the 2020 season with Baltimore. He played in four games (one start) and passed for 42 yards, completing 57 percent of his passes for zero TDs and two INTs. Sure, it’s a small rehearsal, but that’s pretty much what he’s been for quite some time. Why an NFL team would be interested in bringing him back at this point when there are plenty of young, hungry, healthy QB prospects who could offer you basically the same, if not better, is intriguing.

Yes, Griffin was very good at one point, but that was it 10 years ago. An excellent rookie year was followed by an average year two after major knee surgery. I understand that if that injury never happened at the end of his rookie campaign, we might look at RGIII very differently. But it happened, and his career took off fast wind down after the injury. After that he was never the same.

Knowing this, I think it’s delusional for someone to think they “deserve” another legitimate chance at a return. If a team brings Griffin in, then there’s more power for him, but I just don’t think that’s plausible. Robert didn’t play at all in 2021, and just because a player can still run an impressive 40-yard dash doesn’t mean he’s ready to compete again on Sundays.

Call me biased but the hawks and bears can have it. The Cowboys have much bigger worries in terms of personnel if they want to fight for a Super Bowl. Jerry Jones isn’t getting any younger. And signing RGIII as Prescott’s backup doesn’t make Dallas any better than they already are. Griffin has had a few chances in the league since his first run in Washington ended after the 2014 season. It didn’t work out and he won’t regain that fame.

How about you offer Colin Kaepernick this opportunity? Sure, he’s been out of the league for five years. I don’t think he would be much worse than Griffin. But we know that won’t happen and why. It’s time for RGIII to accept his career for what it was. I just don’t think NFL teams are still interested in having RGIII in their QB room. And for the teams that might consider it… good luck with that.

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