Kohli shares a heartfelt post for Yuvraj after receiving a handwritten note and a shoe from “Yuvi Pa.”


Indian star Virat Kohli responded to Yuvraj Singh’s handwritten heartfelt note on Wednesday, saying the former cancer all-rounder’s comeback will always be an inspiration, while thanking his “Yuvi pa” for the wonderful gesture. Kohli took to social media to share the picture of the special shoe and Yuvraj’s handwritten note along with a special post.

“Yuvi Pa, thank you for this wonderful gesture. Coming from someone who has witnessed my career from day one means a lot to me. Her life and comeback from cancer was, is and always will be an inspiration to people in all walks of life not just cricket. I have known you for who you are and you have always been very generous and caring for those around you. Now we are both parents and we know what a blessing that is. I wish you all the luck, my fond memories and blessings on this new journey. God bless Yuvi Pa. Rab Rakha,” Kohli wrote.

Above all, Yuvraj Singh had written a heartfelt note to ex-captain Virat Kohli on Tuesday, who commemorated the Delhi batter’s journey from youngster to one of the game’s all-time greats.

“To the little boy from Delhi @imvkohli. I want to dedicate this special shoe to you and celebrate your career as a captain that has brought smiles to millions of fans around the world. I hope you stay who YOU ​​are, play like YOU do it and keep making the country proud,” tweeted Yuvraj Singh.

‘Virat, I’ve seen you grow as a cricketer and as a person. From that little boy in the nets who walked shoulder to shoulder with the legends of Indian cricket, you are now a legend yourself leading the way for a new generation. Your discipline and passion on the pitch and dedication to the sport inspires every young child in this country to pick up the racquet and dream of one day donning the blue jersey,” Yuvraj wrote in the letter.

“You have increased your cricket level every year and already achieved so much in this wonderful game that it makes me even happier to watch you start this new chapter in your career. You were a legendary captain and a fantastic leader. I expect many more of your famous car chases,” he added.

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