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It’s been a busy week for Jerry Jones post-NFL Draft. First there are the three days of the draft, there grueling like that whole process can be. Then Jones drafted tackle Tyler Smith with the No. 24 overall and was immediately quizzed by almost everyone in Dallas. And to justify the selection, Jones decided to show the media the Dallas draft board during a press conference. A few days later, Jones found himself in the hospital after a so-called minor traffic accident. Corresponding ESPN’s Todd ArcherJones is reportedly doing well and back home.

Luckily for Jones, no serious injuries were sustained in the accident. The only thing that seems to have taken a hit in the past week is Jones’ ego. The criticism, which he receives mainly from local media, seems to have struck a chord with Jerry. Jones takes pride in every business move he makes and Smith’s first-round pick this year is no different.

But Jerry and the Cowboys’ front office seem to be the only ones confident they made the right choice. Maybe Jones is right and maybe we’ll see this kid develop into a great player in the years to come. Nobody really seems to feel that way right now.

Longtime Dallas reporter and radio host Bob Sturm said (jokingly) that he would Submit his retirement papers if Jones uses his first-round pick for Smith. After day 1 of draft Smith called on Sturm’s show at 96.7 The Ticket in Dallas and had some fun with him about the promise of retirement. Now that I think about it, maybe Jones got Smith up to 24th overall to keep it storming. I know it’s unlikely, but Jerry hears everything that’s said about the Dallas-Fort Worth area cowboys.

One thing is clear, Jones’ ego was struck by the criticism that followed. Jerry was so unnerved by his election being questioned that he showed the Cowboys move-in card in the middle of a press to show us just how much Smith was desired internally. This is a huge taboo in the league as teams don’t typically want this information to circulate freely.

I believe everyone has a measurable amount of ego to some degree. And this amount can grow with success. Jones was a very successful businessman and NFL owner in his 79 years. And he probably has the biggest ego of any professional sports manager in North American sports in the last 25 years. And this is without winning all Super Bowls during this time. radio show

Jerry was a catalyst in helping the NFL reach new heights in revenue never seen before. Jones played a significant role in moving the Raiders to Las Vegas and the Rams’ move to Los Angeles. Don’t twist it; Jones has his handprints on many big NFL moves to make money. Hell, Jones is the only NFL owner with his own weekly radio show. Jerry has the biggest ego in every room he enters. Of course, he would somehow feel it if the media and fans questioned his football acumen.

Regardless of how we feel about Jones’ draft picks, he’ll continue to do it his way. He actually has a pretty good track record in the draft over the past decade, especially. That being said, Jerry literally makes money, and if you can’t win championships, you might as well get richer on the side. So go ahead Jerry.

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