IPL 2022: Virat Kohli admits he will be emotional about AB de Villiers if RCB wins the title


Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers shared the RCB IPL dressing room for 11 years until the South African decided to hang up his boots ahead of the 2022 IPL last year. The former captain spoke about how much influence he had on him.

AB de Villiers played 184 IPL matches and accumulated 5162 runs with an average of 39.71 and a batting average of 151.69. Before the start of this year’s tournament, he ended his illustrious career in November 2021.

Kohli said: “He will remember ABD when RCB wins the title.”

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Kohli recalled the moment he heard from de Villiers that he would no longer be playing. Speaking on the franchise’s official website, Kohli said he was emotional when he heard the news.

Is it weird not having AB de Villiers around?

Virat Kohli “It’s very strange I mean. I remember clearly when he finally decided to call it quits he sent me a voice memo. And I still remember after the World Cup we came back from Dubai and I got this voice memo and we drove home. I got the voice memo, I opened it and listened to it. Anushka was with me and I looked at her like this.”

“The first thing she said was don’t tell me. She knew it. I kind of got the impression during the last IPL. He kept telling me our rooms were next to each other. I want to see you for a coffee these days .I was getting more and more nervous, I was like I wasn’t sitting with you, I think there’s something coming,” he said.

“He said, ‘I just want to sit with you and have a chat, it’s been a while. “And he never speaks like that, you know, because we interact all the time. I knew something was brewing. It’s a very strange feeling, I got very emotional, the voice memo was also very emotional for me when he said , I don’t have it in me anymore.”

“I shared so many moments with him, ups and downs, everything, he was right next to me through thick and thin. I was thinking about him the other day if we manage to win the title in the coming seasons, this one, next, whatever it is. I would be very emotional if I thought of him first instead of knowing what I would experience after so many years of hard work. Kohli added.

“I would actually think how much watching from home would still mean to him. He’s a special person, he touched everyone’s lives here, we can all vouch for that, he was amazing. I don’t think there is a person who can say AB hasn’t contributed to my life in one way or another.”

AB de Villiers: “I know I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to be an RCBan for life. Every single person in the RCB setup has become family to me. I’ve spent a lot of time together now, some people come, some go. But the RCB franchise and the spirit and love we have for one another will always remain. The very best RCB team.”

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