IND vs SL: Needs to make mental adjustments as day-night testing is still a fairly new concept – Jasprit Bumrah

India’s vice-captain Jasprit Bumrah said on Friday cricketers need to make some “mental adjustments” to enter a pink ball test, but defining a set parameter for that is not possible.

IND vs. SL: Pink ball testing doesn't require set parameters for adjustments, says Jasprit Bumrah (AP Photo).

India head coach Rahul Dravid, batting coach Vikram Rathour, captain Rohit Sharma with vice-captain Jasprit Bumrah (AP Photo)


  • There are no set parameters for adjustments required in Pink Ball Tests: Bumrah
  • Bumrah said players need to make mental adjustments for day-night testing
  • India are preparing for their fourth day-night test against Sri Lanka

India’s vice-captain Jasprit Bumrah explained on Friday that the hosts are making “mental adjustments” before going into the day-night test at Bengaluru’s M Chinnaswamy Stadium against Sri Lanka as pink ball games are a fairly new concept.

Bumrah added that it’s not possible to define a set parameter for the pink ball game because all three day-night games they’ve played in the past had different conditions.

India are preparing for their fourth day-night test against Sri Lanka, having previously faced Bangladesh, Australia and England. Bumrah said Indian cricketers are still learning how to approach pink ball games.

“As professional cricketers, we need to adapt as quickly as possible. The pink ball looks different on the field. He’s coming sooner than you realize,” Bumrah said during the pre-game virtual media interaction.

“In the afternoon session, the ball may not swing much, but in the evening it can swing more. All these little points (are discussed)”

“We haven’t played many pink ball matches and whatever we played they were all in different conditions so no parameter can be set (if adjustments needed).

“Whatever experience you’ve had and whatever feedback you’ve had, you’re working on things that are under our control,” the fast bowler added.

Asked how the players prepared for the upcoming game, Bumrah said: “It all depends on the individual. The pink ball looks different. The speed at which it comes towards you on the field and the amount at which it moves or rotates also differs. The D/N test times are also different, so the ball may not perform as much in the first session, but it may perform better under the light. We played the Pink Ball Tests on all different surfaces, so there are no set parameters for it.”

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