Golden State Warriors defeat Denver Nuggets for a 2-0 lead


Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry
photo: Getty Images

The warriors seemed to have reconstituted death, putting aside all the goth connotations that spring from such a phrase. It references their previous Death lineup, which swept away opponents in the third quarter of most games when the Warriors were winning championships.

The nuggets are busted for sure, and whoever’s sane is scolding each other and won’t be much more than a pal this first round. But it must be disheartening to see Steph Curry come off the bench and know you’re about to have your brains pulled through your nose.

Curry went for 32 last night and was +34 when he was on the court Golden State beat Denver, 126-120 take a 2-0 lead in this first round series. That came mostly with Jordan Poole (29 points, shooting 57 percent overall from the floor), Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins. And if you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to watch an avalanche from a safe distance, then this is pretty much it. There was a point where the nuggets were up 13 in the second quarter. They finished it at six and never got closer than that.

Just like in their prime when the dubs got rolling, it felt like they were scoring every six seconds, and from either 50 feet away or on a four-pass layup, everyone looked like they were off Tasmanian Devil freed.

There really hasn’t been anything that felt as momentous as when the Warriors start clicking and everything falls down and the scoreboard tilts heavily towards them. It feels like the world of 2012 is unleashed on anyone unfortunate enough to play it.

The Nuggets are little more than target practice right now, but the last thing anyone in the West wants is to see the Warriors fine-tune without risk.

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