CFTRI releases seven new technologies


The CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) on Wednesday announced the new technologies it has developed over the past year on the occasion of the National Technology Day celebrated here.

In addition, thanks to the initiatives of the Department of Technology Transfer and Business Development, the CFTRI has licensed entrepreneurs to commercialize some of its technologies. Certificates and memorabilia were presented to the licensee at the National Technology Day event by former Vice Chancellor K. Chidananda Gowda, the key guest, for the use of the technologies.

A total of seven new technologies, including gluten-free biscuits, gluten-free cookie cake, buckwheat noodles and pasta, multigrain nutri biscuits, chikki with moringa, coffee brew mix and advanced high-efficiency oxidation processes for sewage treatment plants, gray water, industrial effluent (food and non-food) have been developed by the R&D teams developed.

The new food products developed by the CSIR-CFTRI, launched on the occasion of the National Technology Day held on Wednesday at the CFTRI premises in Mysuru.

The new food products developed by the CSIR-CFTRI, launched on the occasion of the National Technology Day held on Wednesday at the CFTRI premises in Mysuru. | Photo credit: MA Sriram

In view of the autoimmune disease of the small intestine that occurs in genetically predisposed people of all ages, the CFTRI developed the gluten-free biscuits because the only treatment for people with celiac disease is a gluten-free diet. The gluten-free biscuit is also enriched with protein and fiber levels contributed by the selected ingredients. Noting the demand for gluten-free biscuits to meet the needs of people with celiac disease, the CFTRI developed the product as there is a good market for gluten-free products.

“The immunological validation of gluten-free biscuits showed the absence of gluten protein in biscuits. Therefore, these biscuits can be considered immunologically safe for celiac disease patients,” according to the CFTRI.

Another gluten-free product is biscuit cake.

In view of the growing demand for buckwheat noodles and pasta, the institute has now also developed buckwheat noodles and noodles. Recently, imported buckwheat noodles from other Asian countries have been seen on the market selling at high prices, suggesting there is market potential. The CFTRI’s product can serve as an import substitute in the Indian market, said the scientists at the Department of Technology Transfer and Business Development.

Buckwheat noodles and noodles are similar to wheat noodles and noodles, which when dried have long strands with a hard and crunchy texture. They can be consumed after being boiled in boiling water and flavored with spices or sauces. “The buckwheat noodles have better protein quality, higher fiber content, higher mineral content and antioxidant properties compared to soft wheat noodles and pasta. They can be used as a meal or snack,” read a note.

Multigrain Nutri Biscuits have some of the sugar and fat replaced with high-fat and high-sugar natural ingredients as there is an increasing demand for low-fat, low-sugar biscuits with functional health benefits. Using multigrain, which includes whole wheat flour, dry pea flour and oat flour, will improve the nutritional quality of biscuits, the institute said.

Moringa Chikki is made from natural sources without any preservatives. The product has a greenish color due to the addition of moringa leaf powder, wheat germ, black sesame and dehulled sunflower seeds with jaggery.

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