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3. New York Yankees fans

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Cheer on injuries and infect opposing players with beer cans and ice cream cones? That’s what Yankees fans do! Or at least whatever bad excuse for people lined the outfield fence at Yankee Stadium on April 23 against the Guardians.

During the end of the ninth inning of a comeback win over Cleveland, the Yankees hit a game-defining double that sent Steven Kwan crashing into the left-center fieldwall. He was visibly shaken after the collision and had cuts on his face. But let’s cheer for a possible concussion! The way they behaved, Yankees fans weren’t allowed to have anything between their ears as opposed to getting upset.

To speak up for his teammate, Myles Straw climbed over the chain link fence and almost walked into the stands to confront a certain Yankee “fan” who was instantly crazed at the thought of being held accountable for his actions. That wasn’t the worst by a long shot.

After the Yankees’ walk-off victory, the right field crowd decided it was time to throw trash, beer cans and ice cream cones at Oscar Mercado and other Guardian outfielders. More trash was thrown even after Mercado’s teammates and stadium security had to stop him from approaching the stands. The crowd of Yankees within earshot of the Guardians outfielders finally stopped their shenanigans as Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and others begged her to stop embarrassing the organization.

Whatever the Big Apple’s inferiority complex got the people of the Bronx polluting their precious field, it’s beyond uncivilized. Yankees manager Aaron Boone was quick to condemn the actions of this select group, but no further action was taken against these “fans,” who were scheduled to be banned from major league events and ballparks for life.

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