BattRE connects to Bounce for battery swapping


Bounce Infinity, a battery swap network, has partnered with BattRE, an EV OEM, to leverage its swap network to a larger user base. Under this agreement, BattRE customers could use Bounce’s broad network of battery swapping stations. In the first phase of operation, Bounce would set up at least 300 battery swapping stations in each top city. It is planned to set up such a network in 12 cities. Vivekananda Hallekere, Bounce Co-Founder and CEO, said: “This partnership is a step forward in our goal of developing smart electric solutions for India. We have redoubled our efforts to transform mobility with advanced technologies and services aligned with our mission of making mobility accessible to all.” “We are confident that we have an alliance of strong partnerships to drive our next phase of long-term growth.” Nishchal Chaudhary, Founder of BattRE, said: “The initial cost of electric vehicles is high and currently not driven by use cases. I believe that the battery swapping infrastructure and BaaS (Battery as a Service) will not only be useful for personal use, but will also act as an important support system for commercial use cases.” “BattRE’s 380+ dealership strong dealer network and Bounce’s charging infrastructure will prove to be a fruitful synergy for both companies and produce the best value propositions for the customer,” he added. Bounce Infinity interchangeable stations are designed with interoperability in mind to support different vehicle segments, makes and models. “The network is future-proof, technologically enhanced and accessible to thousands of customers,” said Bounce.

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