The majority of employers favor a 4-day week, a survey shows


With a number of companies around the world proposing a 4-day work week for employees, a report has revealed that a majority of employers in India believe this model will help reduce stress levels.

Over 60% of employers totally agree that the new 4-day work week model will successfully raise overall organizational morale with job satisfaction and work-life balance, and help reduce stress and anxiety, according to HR Solutions Genius Consultants a report.

However, 27% of employers who took part in the survey said they were unsure of the impact on company productivity.

The remaining 11% disagreed with the idea, arguing that the 4-day work model would neither improve nor produce drastic positive results, it said.

The report is based on an online survey conducted between February 1st and March 7th of 1,113 employers and employees in various industries including banking and finance, construction and engineering, education, FMCG, hospitality, HR solutions, IT, ITES and BPO, Logistics and Manufacturing, Media, Oil and Gas.

The survey found that 100% of employees approve of the 4-day-week model.

More than 66% of respondents strongly believed that the 4-day workweek would help them improve their productivity, the company said.

The survey also revealed that the preferred third day off for employers was Friday (52%), followed by Monday (18%), Wednesday (18%) and Thursday (11%).

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