Pinnacle introduces EKA E9 electric bus


Pinnacle Industries Ltd. announced that its subsidiary EKA, which manufactures electric vehicles, unveiled its new all-electric zero-emission EKA E9 9-meter bus on Saturday in Pune.

The battery-powered E9 features a streamlined vehicle design, maximized performance and range due to its monocoque stainless steel chassis and full composite structure, the company said.

With a total cost of ownership (TCO) lower than existing internal combustion engine buses, the EKA E9 aimed to “offer sustainability and profitability for everyone involved,” Pinnacle added.

“Our buses are designed and optimized to provide customers with the best driving experience, clean environment and best returns,” said Sudhir Mehta, Chairman of EKA and Pinnacle Industries Ltd.

“With the new EKA E9, we are offering a global platform for clean, efficient and profitable public transport to meet increasing demand in key markets ready for the EV transition,” he added.

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