People from simple families can become entrepreneurs: Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Friday his government is working to create a conducive atmosphere to help people from ordinary backgrounds become entrepreneurs.

In his inaugural speech at the Global Patidar Business Summit in Surat, Mr. Modi also asked the community to form groups of entrepreneurs and experts to propose policy changes for reforms in banking and other sectors and also to point out the shortcomings in current policies.

“I challenge you to put together 10 to 15 groups of entrepreneurs, young and old, who should pick up on sectors where you think we need to make a difference, examine those sectors’ global practices, how their market can be developed, and on it point out shortcomings and propose changes in government policy for them,” Mr Modi said.

“Take banking, for example. Why isn’t the banking sector growing, find out the problems. Every week I am represented by the diamond industry in Surat stating that the banks don’t give them credit and telling me to do something. So where is our policy going wrong, why do we have such priority issues,” said the Prime Minister in his virtual address.

He added that he will also sit down with them to understand and find solutions.

“You prepare documentaries on what are the right policies to be implemented by the government and present your findings. I assure you that if you take my time, I will also attend your presentation on banking and other issues, and I will also ask government officials to stay present,” Mr Modi said.

In his speech, the prime minister also listed new initiatives and measures taken by his government to boost economic activity in the country.

“The government is working to create an atmosphere where anyone from a very ordinary family can become an entrepreneur, dream of being one and be proud of it,” he said.

He urged the businessmen and entrepreneurs of the Patidar community to look for new business opportunities in sectors such as food processing, organic farming, Ayurveda, traditional medicine, etc.

He also listed the various policies the government has put in place to support small and medium-sized enterprises that create maximum jobs in the economy.

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