Pakistan lacked courage, played very badly: Shoaib Akhtar slams PCB after series loss against Australia


Pakistani grandmaster Shoaib Akhtar has blasted the PCB and team management, blaming them for their lack of courage in the series loss to Australia.

Pakistan lacked courage, played very poorly against Australia: Shoaib Akhtar (AP Photo)

Pakistan lacked courage, played very poorly against Australia: Shoaib Akhtar (AP Photo)


  • Akhtar was tough on the Pakistani cricket team led by Babar Azam
  • Australia won the 3rd Test in Lahore by 115 runs to seal the series 1-0
  • I’m really happy for the Australians, they played cricket bravely: Akhtar

Former Pakistan pacesetter Shoaib Akhtar lashed out at the PCB and Pakistan team management for their defensive mindset in the loss to Australia, while praising Pat Cummins and his team for their bravery in the historic three-game series.

While Akhtar heavily criticized Babar Azam’s Pakistan cricket team for their defensive approach, he also praised the Australian players for their courage and skill. Remarkably, Pakistan suffered a 1-0 defeat after being eliminated in the final session of the third and final Test, while Australia recorded an emphatic 115-round victory in Lahore on Friday.

The hosts were dismissed an hour after tea in their second innings on a worn wicket for 235 as Australia successfully ended their first Test series in Pakistan since 1998. Australia won the Benaud-Qadir Trophy, named for leg-spin greats from the two Countries – Richie Benaud and Abdul Qadir.

“Absolutely disappointing streak that. Absolute nonsense. The mindset of both the Pakistan Cricket Board and probably the team management was to draw this streak. Neither they nor we should win; just end this streak with a tie,” continued Akhtar his official YouTube channel.

“But hats off to the Australians. I’m really happy for her. This is not their homeland, none of these players have played in Pakistan before; they came here playing brave cricket terms but both Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins put in the hard hours learning the skills of the trade here. Nathan Lyon, who has not yet traveled to Pakistan, took a five wicket haul.

Akhtar continued to criticize the PCB, saying that there needs to be a change in personnel in the higher decision-making roles.

“You see, if you lack courage and you just try to escape, the results are like this. They came here after 24 years expecting you to prepare good wickets. But you didn’t do that. You tried to wear her down. The opposite happened. It’s the wrong approach, the wrong way of thinking. We should include people who are not mediocre and make the right decisions. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in Pakistan,” Akhtar added.

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