NFL Schedule Leaks was just another troll job


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screenshot: Twitter: @NFLGameLeaks

Legends are not born, they are made. The @NFLGameLeaks Twitter account is no different.

NFL schedule leaks published his first tweet on May 9 he wrote: “Hello Twitter; The NFL schedule [sic] is set to be officially released on Thursday, May 12th. However, the schedules have already been sent out to all 32 NFL teams. Games will leak continuously throughout the days. I’ll tweet all the games as soon as I get them.”

That was a lie. There was no secret access to a previously released schedule, no leak of any factual information. But who could have known? The account quickly amassed 10,000 followers over the next three days, tweeting entirely made-up matchups. Blogs, sportswriters and message boards ate it up, retweeted and reported what appeared to be leaked fixture lists based on the Game Leaks Twitter account.

And the person behind it literally made it up — which they revealed yesterday and promptly lost about 20 percent of their followers. See for yourself:

This was followed by “literally none of that shit was real.” Just amazing stuff here to be honest. The account then became something of a manifesto about how easily misinformation spread online (“no wonder half the country thinks the election was rigged, damn sir”), calling out the only account that had them from the start had been called fake.

Now that it has been promised that “much more bullshit and stupidity is to come,” what could have been fake leaked next? trades and freeagent goals? NBA draft picks in June? College football home-and-home series announcements for the 2042 season? The possibilities are endless and the precedent is set. Just wondering if people would fall for it so easily a second time. (My guess? They will.)

The bio on the account is now “I really got y’all motherfuckers”. One cannot contradict that.

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