Network guard Kyrie Irving goes live on stream and it’s great


Look, Kyrie Irving might have some pretty weird opinions, but his rants were hilarious.

Look, Kyrie Irving might have some pretty weird opinions, but his rants were hilarious.
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Now that the Brooklyn Nets are out of games plan, Kyrie Irving has a lot of time on his hands. And he uses some of that time to let the world of internet trolls, or “cockroaches” as he calls them, know exactly how he feels about them.

Irving ranted while playing Grand Theft Auto during a live stream, where he commented on topics ranging from trolling [Celtics] fans For the talking heads, he knows little about the game and even his thoughts on the OnlyFans platform. Just so it’s clear, OnlyFans isn’t Kyrie’s scene, but if it’s yours, he has some advice for you.

Sometimes it’s best to just shut up and keep moving. But in this case, I’m not saying Kyrie should have even considered it. This live stream was hilarious as Irving kept talking and giving his opinion on the online world. The same people he criticizes are the same people who played these clips multiple times and laughed the entire time. I don’t know what else Kyrie was up to during that livestream, but the internet loved it.

While I have no problem with Irving criticizing fans for listening to sports opinions, I disagree that not playing college ball or higher means you don’t know much about a sport. In one clip, Irving seemingly addresses the world’s sports forecasters like Skip Bayless, Nick Wright and others. He mentions that they never got past high school, which is why I excluded Stephen A. Smith since he played college basketball for Winston-Salem State. This argument against media representatives is somewhat outdated.

Kyrie feels too many of the national esports commentators and Twitter trolls are trying to tell him how to do his job better. I understand how frustrating that could get, but it kind of comes with the territory as a public figure. It’s part of the landscape we’ve all chosen to be.

One of the funniest parts of Irving’s tirade might be when he taunts internet trolls in a voice that sounds like the one it’s used on South Park when they make fun of celebrities. Kyrie trolls the trolls. I love it. He should do one of these at the end of each month and take things off his chest. Hoop season or not, this would be an appointment live streaming.

I wouldn’t take much of what Kyrie said during this live stream Seriously. It seems like he’s about to sit back, play video games, and decide to give the “cockroaches” a taste of their own medicine. Irving also has a problem with team competitions and feels that people should be more careful with their time and money rather than hassling him and other athletes for their bet slips.

So the next time you’re considering placing a bet online, why not watch Kyrie’s live stream instead. It’ll be a lot more entertaining than losing hundreds of dollars, and you might learn a few life lessons like keeping used tissues out of sight on the bedside table.

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