Memphis Grizzlies crush Golden State, send streaks to Game 6


At least the Warriors will be rested for Game 6.

At least the Warriors will be rested for Game 6.
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One of the many lessons I learned from my older brother, most of them wrong but they made life more fun, was that if you’re late with something, just move on and to be late. He taught me this one day when I was hurrying and climbing to 8th grade or high school and I had no hope of arriving any sooner than 10 minutes after I was supposed to arrive. So why rush and be out of breath when you’ll be late anyway? Take your time, enjoy the morning and be half an hour late. Because honestly, what’s the difference? You’re running late, and the delay won’t really matter to those in charge.

I eventually morphed that lesson into not showing up to a high school class until my senior year by 10am, so yeah, which was probably beyond what he had in mind as I spent most of my future in the nearest dumpster lap. That’s why I work here!

That’s about the only logic one could apply to the Warriors last night, who had to close hard on wide to lose at just 39 to Memphis, 134-95. At some points they threatened to lose by 60. They spent most of the second half getting by somewhere near 50. You really have to make an effort to paddle your ass that far…or really lack of effort I guess.

But if you’re having your guts pulled through your mouth, you might as well do it in a way that allows all of your key players to sit for most of the second half, instead of saying what the Celtics did, and to choke away a win and feel all drained. Sometimes everything goes wrong. Sometimes everything goes wrong on the fly and you can just let go of the joystick. This plane is going to crash one way or the other.

It will be good for the Warriors’ heel turn if they win that series in the next game as fans across the country lament a series that beat a non-morant Grizzlies team they previously lost to by an Australian rules result have is not fair or does not count. They’ll be even angrier about the Warriors’ return to the Conference Finals, claiming it’s illegitimate now. The Dubs won’t care because in the playoffs, a loss is just a loss, and they still have the upper hand. As experienced as the Warriors are, they knew this game was basically optional – and then they played like this. The playoffs are a grind, and when you know the exact measure required, you apply exactly the amount of energy required.

So would the Warriors really come back after the 20th half? No, fuck it. You’re flying home anyway, and you might as well take the grizz with you. If you’re going to miss that meeting at the office, you’re fucking missing it! Have a delicious breakfast, go for a walk instead of driving, soak up the sun. The right action window has expired. Dive into the wrong.

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