Mahindra Lifespaces Pledges To Become Net Zero, Unveils Housing Project In Bengaluru


Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. (Mahindra Lifespaces), the real estate and infrastructure development arm of Mahindra Group, said it is committed to constructing only “net zero” buildings by 2030.

In light of that commitment, the company on Tuesday announced a real estate project in Bengaluru that would be the country’s first net-zero energy residential project, it said.

The project, called Mahindra Eden, located off Kanakpura in Bengaluru, is certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Mahindra Lifespaces said.

Apartments in this 7.7 hectare property cost between ₹75 lakh and ₹1.25 crore. The entire two-phase project is expected to be completed in 5-6 years, a top executive at the company said.

“The unique design features of this development are expected to collectively reduce energy requirements by 33%, saving over 18 lakh kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to powering over 800 homes,” said Arvind Subramanian, MD and CEO of Mahindra Lifespace Developers.

“The remaining energy needs for the project will be met from renewable sources, both through on-site solar and wind power systems and by purchasing green energy from the grid,” he added.

“As a pioneer in sustainable development with a 100% green portfolio, we were keen to take the next leap in sustainable design and development. Building net-zero homes is one of the cornerstones of a low-carbon future, a key solution to climate change, and we are committed to playing a leading role in this real estate energy transition,” he said.

While the company has started net-zero on energy, the next goals would be to net-zero water and waste on its projects, he added.

Mahindra Eden, the company says, was developed through the adoption of climate-friendly design strategies and energy-saving measures, including optimal building orientation to maximize natural light and ventilation, optimal shading of windows and balconies, SRI colors on roofs and exterior walls for high thermal reflectivity, high-performance glass on windows and balconies to reduce the heat input from the building envelope as well as energy-efficient lighting and equipment.

The building will feature modern variable voltage, variable frequency (VVVF) elevators that use less energy when accelerating and decelerating, it said.

Also, the project features water efficient low flow faucets, rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plant.

In addition to being energy, water and waste efficient, the project is designed to be ‘nature positive’, conserving and caring for over 100 species of plants, more than 25 species of birds and over 25 species of butterflies. The company would soon build three such Net Zero Energy projects in Mumbai and Pune.

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