Maharashtra considers jewelry machinery production clusters


The Government of Maharashtra has offered to provide land and infrastructure for the establishment of a jewelry machinery manufacturing cluster in the state to support high quality jewelry manufacturing at globally competitive prices.

“We are in the process of developing a jewelry park in Navi Mumbai and have allocated 100 acres of land. It is a joint venture project with the Gem & Jewelery Export Promotion Council. They will construct over 1,000 units there, providing employment opportunities for over 1.5,000 workers,” said Maharashtra Industry Minister Subhash Desai.

“If jewelry machine manufacturers want to join forces and set up a production cluster, the Maharashtra government is also always ready to help them allocate land and infrastructure,” said Mr. Desai on the sidelines of a “first premiere”. ‘ Jewelery Machinery & Allied India International Expo (JMAIIE) here.

As there is a technological gap in the country in terms of gemstone and jewelry manufacturing, the domestic jewelry machinery manufacturing industry jumps at the opportunity to help jewelers produce the best items for the export markets.

“Jewelry machines will help quality standardization to achieve more volume and global competitiveness. The idea is to manufacture at competitive prices so you can sell in bulk and get more returns,” said Shyam Jagannathan IAS, Zonal Development Commissioner, Special Economic Zones (Maharashtra, Goa, Daman & Diu).

“A platform like this brings manufacturers together. Jewelry making is a specialized field where you need multiple technologies such as 3D design, wax casting, electroplating, metal 3D printing and even process automation. It’s a good start to have so many national and international participants and the event will grow in years to come,” said Mr Jagannathan.

Kranti Nagvekar, MD of KNC Services, organizer of the show, said: “In India there has not been an exclusive, independent machine show. This show will address the great need gap and benefit the entire Indian jewelry manufacturing industry and the countries around us.”

“It will help promote Indian jewelry machinery companies on the world map,” she added.

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