John Daly’s son signs NIL deal with Hooters


We should have seen this coming, tbh.

We should have seen this coming, tbh.
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Say what you will about NIL – there’s no denying that it offers incredible content to the world. Legendary golfer John Daly’s son, 18-year-old John Daly II, has officially signed a sponsorship deal with Hooters, giving us the most incredible statement ever:

“Hooters is the ideal place for me to unwind after a long day at class or in the classroom, so I’m honored to have been chosen as an ambassador for the iconic brand. I have seen my father’s great relationship with Hooters over the years and am proud to continue my family’s association with this iconic brand.”

How did no one see this coming?

Now there’s an iconic quote. The gene-chem-to-Hooters pipeline is, of course, an integral part of the college experience. Little John is a freshman golfer at Big John’s alma mater, the University of Arkansas, and this is Hooters’ first official NIL sponsorship deal. The wing chain also signed the elder Daly to an official partnership, though he has served as a brand ambassador in the past (dubbed a “long-term relationship” by a Hooters senior VP).

Daly, 55, who won two majors in the 1990s, can claim true tradition like no other every year at Augusta, where he puts up an RV in one honk Parking lot to sell goods and sign autographs. A true man of the people.

The father-son duo took home the trophy at the 2021 PNC Championships in December, the tournament where Tiger Woods made headlines for his public return to the sport. Seems the Dalys have more in common than their love of golf and their alma mater – the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

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