Eicher Tractors introduces Prima G3 tractors for the next generation of farmers


TAFE’s Eicher Tractors on Monday announced the unveiling of the Eicher Prima G3 Series – a premium range of tractors in the 40-60hp range aimed at the new-age farmer.

The all-new tractors offer premium styling with world-class design, advanced technology with form, fit and function, and perfect comfort with a raised seat, spacious floor and a push-button front hood, the tractor-maker said in a statement.

“The Eicher brand has been known for decades for its trust, reliability, robustness and versatility in both the agricultural and commercial sectors,” said TAFE CMD Mallika Srinivasan.

“The unveiling of the Prima G3 brings the progressive farmers of a modern India greater productivity, convenience and ease of use to meet their new aspirations, and offers an enhanced value proposition that Eicher has always promised,” she added.

The Eicher Prima range is equipped with a high torque, liquid-cooled, fuel-saving engine (HT-FS) that offers higher efficiency for higher productivity and more fuel savings. The new multi-speed PTO drive offers four different modes, making it compatible with multiple agricultural and commercial applications, the company says.

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