CIL’s Coal Stockpile at Open Pit May Continue to Increase Through FY22 End; current inventory at 43 MT


The state-owned CIL said on Friday that the current coal stockpile of 43 million tonnes (MT) at its open pit mine is likely to increase further through the end of the current fiscal year, and this will help the company prepare to meet summer coal demand Advent.

On Coal India Ltd. (CIL) accounts for more than 80% of total domestic coal production.

“The current coal stockpile of 43 tonnes at CIL’s wellheads is expected to continue increasing through the end of FY22,” the state-owned company said in a statement.

CIL’s fuel shipments to the energy sector on Thursday peaked at 493 million tonnes (MT) in the current fiscal year, surpassing the previous peak of 491.5 MT recorded by the Maharatna coal miner in fiscal 2019.

The public sector enterprise (PSU) could still achieve the feat 28 days before the end of the budget, CIL said in a statement.

During the April-February period of the current fiscal year, CIL delivered 90 MT more coal to the power sector than in the corresponding period last year.

CIL’s coal shipments totaled 488t by the end of February 2022 to this important coal consuming sector. This represents a significant increase of approximately 23% compared to 398 t in the same period last year.

The biggest challenge for CIL over the year was adjusting to the unpredictability of coal demand. Coal-fired power generation showed restrained growth in the two previous fiscal years. Then by January it had risen sharply to 11.2% compared to the same period a fiscal year ago. However, the company managed to push in additional quantities of coal.

Likewise, CIL posted robust 22% growth in shipments to the energy sector at 48.4 MT in February. This was a jump of 8.6 MT compared to 39.8 MT in February FY’21.

CIL is ramping up shipments for the remainder of March and aims to end the fiscal year down 548 MT to the power sector as forecast by the Central Electricity Authority. PTI SID HRS Std

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