Bomb Scam: Cyber ​​Terrorism sections accessed



Metropolitan police have invoked cyberterrorism regulations in recent bomb threat emails to over 15 schools in the city. This is probably the first time the section has been viewed in relation to a fraud threat case.

Police have arrested unidentified persons under Section 66F of the Information Technology Act, 2000 on cyberterrorism charges for the act “with intent to threaten the unity, integrity, security or sovereignty of India or to incite terror among or any part of the people”. . A person convicted under the section can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The city’s police commissioner, Kamal Pant, said that since the threat went to several schools, crippling many institutions and spreading panic, and the threat came via email, they booked the case in cyber-terrorism sections. “The section is appropriate in this case,” he said.

A senior police official said the service providers are cooperating with the investigation and there are some leads. “We are confident of making a breakthrough soon,” the official said.

Recent murder case solved

The Metropolitan Police recently solved a murder case in which a retired soldier was brutally killed to make money and arrested a gang of five cousins, all from Andhra Pradesh.

Jude aka Suresh, 56, a former soldier, was separated and has lived alone in Domlur for the past three years. He was found dead at his home Tuesday night with injuries to his head.

Police have now arrested Babu, a male nurse at a private hospital who had become friends with Jude for the past two years, and his four cousins, all from Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh.

Police said Babu conspired with four of his cousins ​​Murali, Gajendra Nayak, Rajendra Nayak and Devendra Nayak, and stormed Jude’s home on Tuesday night, strangling him and hitting his head with a padlock.

They also threw chili powder across the room to ensure the dog squadrons lost track. However, the defendant took an Apple iPhone belonging to the deceased along with other valuables, which helped police track them down. Police have now seized the suspect’s phone.

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