Blue Star doubles freezer production capacity in Wada


Leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration specialist Blue Star has doubled the production capacity of chest freezers in the Thane district of Wada, Maharashtra with the unveiling of a new plant, MD B. Thiagarajan said.

“We have doubled freezer production capacity to 2 lakh per year and commercial operation of the expanded unit will begin on April 30,” he said.

The company had relocated its storage water chiller manufacturing facility from Himachal Pradesh to Wada. Blue Star will use the space in Himachal to ramp up production of air conditioners, Mr Thiagarajan said.

The new Wada facility is Blue Star’s fifth unit and was built at a cost of ₹130 crore. It was fully equipped with the latest advanced manufacturing systems and had global best practices in its operations, the managing director said.

He shared that the company’s sixth unit in Sri City in Andhra Pradesh will be operational by October 2022, saying the plant will manufacture room air conditioners and components. He added that the company may need another facility by 2025, likely to be built either in Sri City or in the north.

“As refrigeration is key to conserving and avoiding wastage of perishables, the adoption of refrigeration in India is gaining significant momentum and this is expected to increase due to rising consumption of perishables in general and food and medicine in particular . This is expected to further increase demand for chilled products and we are very well positioned to tap into that,” he said.

Blue Star offers a wide range of commercial refrigeration products and cold chain equipment for various segments such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, agriculture, dairy and processed food.

According to Mr. Thiagarajan, the dedicated facilities in Wada and Ahmedabad produce a wide range of commercial refrigeration products and solutions such as freezers, storage water chillers, modular cold rooms, commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment, medical refrigeration equipment and supermarket refrigeration equipment.

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