Black Living Rooms Ideas & Inspiration

Matte black walls with white wainscoting offer dramatic contrast, balanced by a series of three black-and-white photographs above. Grayscale furniture makes a warmer impression – and the cheery pink pillows seem to brighten the whole living room.

A black brick wall and bold white mural steals the show in this chic living room design.

Matte black walls lend this living room a comfortable and soft aesthetic. Distressed parquet floors pair well with the modern furniture, a nice touch of classic design within a space carefully decorated to contemporary tastes.

Here’s another interior with a single accent wall in silky black. It’s a perfect backdrop to the geometric wire lamps above, and the zigzag rug off to the left helps integrate the side chair and tables. A good amount of unfinished concrete stands between the decorative living room and the staircase, likely to highlight the amazing partially-suspended cantilever treads.

Black, concrete, yellow, and just a touch of turquoise – this living room is bright and cheerful as can be. Notice the contrast between the frosty view of the outdoors and the bright tropical theme of the interior. The rounded bubbly shape of the sofa emphasizes this easygoing appeal.

This artistic black and white living room utilizes a solid block design. The matte black accent wall centers the living space, a suspended credenza and shelf unit sharing the spotlight with a bold canvas. Dramatic black curtains line each side of the fully windowed wall to the left and very likely transform the entire room when drawn.

Dark, mysterious, and luxurious – this living room embraces its high ceilings with tall boiserie dressed down with textural black paint. Excellent chandeliers offer soft mood lighting but perhaps most striking of all, a waterfall of ferns cascade down a portion of the wall near the foot of the stairs. The marble and gold nesting coffee tables keep in character with the luxe theme.

Besides the backlit “stay positive” panel, other creative sources of lighting include cove lighting above the window to the left and a row of rectangular frame lights above.

Black really does make a great color for a media center, blending seamlessly into the background.

Any interior with a bright or clear view could benefit from a dark-themed interior. That comfy lounge chair sure looks inviting!