10  Wine Decanters To Enhance Your Wine And Your Décor

Scandinavian Wine Decanter With Stopper: A decanter that is sure to bring some elegance to the table with its soft shape and spherical stopper. A design like this will never go out of style.

Curvy Glass Wine Decanter: This curvy, glass decanter is like a modern lava lamp. Those captivating curves not only look great though, they assist in moving the wine around during the pour to provide superior aeration and oxygenation.

Handmade Crystal Decanter: Aptly named the Boa Decanter, this twisty serpent is handmade using crystal. With its dual chamber function, any wine that flows through this beauty will get double decanted and consequently intensively aerated.

Riedel Eve Decanter: This snake-like design with a double chamber provides optimal aeration and is absolutely captivating with its unusual shape. A decanter that is sure to impress.

Tear Drop Shaped Wine Decanter: A crystal stunner that is mouth blown and hand cut. Finished off with a simple, tear drop stopper.

Eva Solo Wine Decanter Carafe: If you want efficiency then the Eva Solo Wine Decanter is what you need. The top metal mechanism drips the wine down the sides of the glass and when you are done, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It doesn’t get much easier!

Steampunk Style Octopus Decanter Made Of Glass & Bronze: Infuse your wine with a splash of steampunk style. This unusual octopus decanter comes as a set with everything pictured above.

One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator: Instant aeration that takes wine directly from the bottle to your glass! This one-touch pump system is not only quick, but it is the only aerator designed to keep wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle and not in your glass.

Small Wine Decanter: An amazing option for those who want instant aeration without a hefty price tag. Simply place this aerator over your glass and pour.

Klein Bottle Decanter: A decanter that will delight any mathematician, physicist, or science buff. With an opening only at the bottom, the Klein bottle decanter is a great conversation starter.