10 Wall Texture Designs For The Living Room: Ideas & Inspiration

This classic stone wall treatment provides an interesting contrast to the modern furnishings and helps to soften the effect of the minimalistic entertainment cabinet. Dark contrasts , from the picture frames to the nesting coffee tables help add weight.

These textural wall tiles embrace the irregular: some are dappled, some are streaked, some are wide, others are thin. The result is a warm and welcoming backdrop that echoes the geometry of the modern furniture, yet could easily be adapted to accommodate any decor.

Bright white marble tiles make this monochromatic living room look luxurious, sharp, and clean.

A brilliant arrangement of tiles adds color and variety. This fabulous accent wall accomplishes its purpose by drawing the eye and uniting the subtle patterns and textures used throughout the space. The unique floor lamp adds a nice touch.

This contemporary living room demonstrates how large textures can give small spaces huge personality. The bold patterns avoid looking too heavy thanks to the simple colors and the clever addition of indirect cove lights.

Dramatic! The fractured wooden panels are oh-so-slightly tilted to catch the light at different angles to recreate the effect of shattered glass. It’s part accent wall and part art installation, and fully impossible to miss.

Geometry takes center stage in this sharp modern living space. Black-edged curtains tucked away behind the ceiling panel make the room feel even more open and expansive.

Another elegant living room brought to life with unique wall textures. Warm integrated lighting emphasizes the unique landscape created by the panels.

Modular storage units in green and white add fresh modern appeal to this industrial brick and concrete living space. The books are arranged without binding showing – a favorite staging technique for minimalistic spaces.

Soft cream-colored slats, varied pinstripes, and elegant marble form an ethereal combination. Each selection is perfect for a modern or classical living room.