10 Uniquely Beautiful Coffee Tables

The amazing design here uses wood and class to create a coffee table that mimics real life topography.

Another table that takes its inspiration from nature. The way the table is cut, it almost appears as if a puddle of clear blue water is suspended in the piece.

Bringing elements of nature into the home can make things feel brighter, bigger, and healthier. This coffee table, featuring a built in bonsai tree, has its own zen aura about itself, as well.

The living room can be a space where both children and adults gather. By turning a useful, modern coffee table into an element that doubles as a doll house for the children, design needn’t be compromised for the sake of the kids.

This minimalist white table is low to the ground and magnificently simple. The hidden crevasse for books and magazines gives it a practical flair as well.

This is a truly designer coffee table. Gold enamel balloons look like they are keeping the clear glass tabletop afloat for a luxurious – and whimsical – effect.

This world aquarium is ripe for a coffee table adaptation.

Bringing in elements of nature is one thing, but this coffee table is nature itself. With a mossy growth underneath the glass tabletop, this look is incredibly unique and very eco-friendly.

Or create your own custom coffee table message, like this unique option that just says SHAZAM

Don’t hide away your inner nerd. Let it shine bright with this computer circuitry coffee table.