10 Unique Watering Cans That Also Serve As Decorative Items

Alessi Diva Watering Can: Made from thermoplastic resin, these twisting and turning watering cans steal the show with their unusual spouts.

Blomus Planto 1.5 Liter Stainless Steel Watering Can: Prefer your handle on the side? Find a similar model in this 1.5-liter can.

Dainty Copper Watering Can: Some of the earliest watering cans were hand-hammered in metal. Go back in time and forward in style with this can of hammered solid copper.

Antique Decorative Copper Watering Can: Protect your can from the elements, with a finish of galvanized metal. Hold up to 1.8 liters in its antique-look, detailed exterior.

Hen Watering Can: From the same collection as our pink pig, let this rooster run wild in your garden.

Owl Watering Can: Feel a couple of eyes peering through the back of your head? Never fear – it’s your hand-painted watering can in the likeness of an owl.

Blue Bird Rustic Metal Watering Can: Squirt a solid stream of water through this bluebird’s beak.

Ladybug Watering Can: Love insects coming to visit your plants? Arrange the visit yourself, with this handcrafted ladybug watering the flowers.

Plum-Colored Novelty Watering Can: Want to own a watering can that looks different to the rest? This elegant plum design features a circle in the middle, a handle on the top, an elongated spout and 1.5 gallons’ worth of watering capacity.

Space-Saving Watering Can With Rotating Spout: Save space in your home or garden, with this watering can that allows you to fold up its spout.