10 Unique Trash Cans That Solve All Your Rubbish Problems

Plastic Trash Can With Marble-Like Finish: Want a marble bin, but can’t quite afford it? This plastic find with marble finish is easy on the wallet and easy on the eye.

Architect-Designed Luxury Trash Can: Made from white-painted stainless steel, the eye of an architect constructed this gem.

Stylish Chic Trash Can: Why should your waste bin always hide away? Make a statement with this black and yellow metal bin, a design of difference with its vintage feel, modern colouring and hidden pedal.

Tufted-Like Texture Stone Trash Can: Prefer a quilted look instead? This white trash can of stone could accessorise a bedroom or office.

Basket Ball Hoop For Trash Cans: Score a goal for every paper you throw. Incentivise recycling with this basketball hoop in your office, or above your kid’s bedroom trash can.

Stylish Modern Trash Can: Throw your trash in the cans New York and Tokyo hotels use.

Tall Trash Bin: 20 litres of capacity hide in this tall and slim-line trash bin.

Battery-Operated Motion-Sensing Trash Can With Liner: Sick of pedals that get stuck, broken, and then hard to open? This smart trash can senses your hand moving towards it and lifts, using battery power.

Colorful Collapsible Trash Can: Built in the colours of the rainbow, this collapsible trash can folds to a handy square when the time for moving comes.

Stylish Netted Trash Basket: Want a stylish twist on an old classic? This metal trash basket adds an ingenious slant to standard bin shaping.