10 Unique Home Chess Sets

This Wobble chess set offers up a novel and animated approach to the classically reserved game. Each square of the board is curved to contain the jiggling pieces.

Minimalistic our fourth set may be, but certainly not the least expensive of the bunch.

The chic $1995.00 Hammond chess set, from the Ralph Lauren Home collection, could possibly be mistaken for a set of rather expensive pen caps in a smart home office.

This hefty handcrafted, powder-coated Tool Chess set is presented in a tool chest carrying case, in either black or red, a fun accessory for a masculine decor.

Ceramic chess pieces, set out on this intriguing board of black burnt plywood, will bring a mystical stone age appeal to any space-perfect for a traditional library.

A typographic chess set would please graphic designers and the like in their home studios.

Fantasy fans will love this dragon chess set-another good option for home libraries, or even a computer games room.

A Lord Of The Rings set would be another hit with serious movie fans…

Roman style chess pieces.

The Renault F1 Chess Set, created from parts of a real Renault F1 automobile, will set you back $41000.