10 Unique Decorative Candles To Add A Soothing Glow To Your Downtime

Artistically Hand-Sculptured Candles: Handcrafted in Israel, these intertwining wax candles make your flame a dazzling sight. Get them in black and white, a multi-colour pattern, or add to your peacock decor with our last quirky find.

Layered Candles: Bored of one, or even two-tone candles? These 40-hour candles are layered with many shades of the same colour, adding subtle style to your muted interior.

Beautiful Taper Candles: For the fancy customer with an upcoming occasion, these taper candles are the perfect asset.

Aromatherapy Scented Candles: Extend your aromatherapy selection, with these soy wax candles in non-drip jars.

Pear-Shaped Candle: Think a pear only comes in green? This original 45-hour candle comes in 13 shades.

Owl Candle: Made with pure beeswax and natural ECO dye, these owl candles are wise inside and out. Gift them to the bird lover in your life.

More Animal Skeleton Candles: Believe in the angelic nature of cats, reindeer and birds? Although bathed in pretty pastels, their lit wicks soon reveal their inner skeletons of death.

Dinosaur Hatching Candle: Have a child or friend that’s just mad about dinosaurs? Gift them a candle that’s truly unique – one that hatches dinsoaurs.

Coiled Steampunk-Style Candle: Unravel the candle, and re-coil it on a roller. This steampunk find in 100% beeswax is the perfect fit for a Victorian-style home.

Concrete Candles: Get the industrial look inside your bathroom. These wee concrete candles are painted with pastels or metallics, adding a touch of style to your daily flame.