10 Ultra Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

An elevated platform puts this stunning marble tub on display while large windows fold open for the truly indulgent experience of bathing in the open ocean.

And what better way to relax after a decadent bath than to dry off in the setting sun on this private deck.

The simplicity of this bathroom is the perfect contrast to the stunning views. By sinking the tub into the floor, the designer allows the bather to feel as if they are washing off in the still waters of a lake.

For a less flowery option that is no less luxurious, peek inside this more masculine bath. Dark gray, black, and white are the height of masculine chic while a soaking tub and deep bowl sink offer everything you might need.

The wood features in this bathroom mesh well with its views, letting you feel at one with the surrounding woods.

Sleek floors and shining countertops make this bathroom the perfect mirror for the decadent city below.

While this bathroom, designed as a showcase for Artecasa, UAE, may be a bit over the top for most average homes, it does make it possible to indulge in the possibilities of true luxury.

Side by side sinks go glam with intricate decorative wall mirrors and reflective walls.

This black and white bathroom, with multiple countertop options, has a distinctively 80s feel to it.

Finally, a colorful addition to this list, where purple tiles and vaguely gothic mirrors give this bathroom a bit of a haunted house vibe, but in a fun way.