10 Transitional Bedrooms That Beautifully Bridge Modern And Traditional

Transitional bedrooms can draw features from any era. So how do these features come together as one cohesive and recognizable style? There are a few hallmark qualities you can expect from transitional spaces: curvaceous furniture profiles, cohesive neutral color palettes, and classic architectural details. But bending the rules is half the fun, as this bedroom does with its brilliant harvest gold bedframe.

Here, rounded elements like the platform bed and vanity dresser establish this space with modern up-to-date appeal. Yet other elements feel as if they were plucked from a different era – especially the fascinating bedroom chandelier with its Art Deco influences. The wallpaper showcases one relatively easy way that anyone can bring a touch of vintage flair to a bedroom while tying the look together.

Elegant boiserie is a fantastic way to set the stage for a transitional bedroom – a traditional element that takes well to modern color palettes. The large area rug is one piece that embraces current trends without reserve, decorated with a geometric print that captures the eye and adds contrast to the sleek surfaces that surround it.

When designing a transitional interior that sticks to a neutral palette, it makes sense to build on a rich variety of textures to create visual interest. This bedroom combines layers of fabric and upholstery alongside dramatic metallics like the wall art and gorgeous pendant lights.

A grand upholstered headboard in the lightest blush centers this room well, the eye drawn to a circle chandelier in the center. Framing the wallpaper within the boiserie panels is an economical approach – this is the Amazilia pattern by Harlequin.

Transitional bedrooms can adopt darker themes as well. This one does a great job introducing darker elements while still feeling light and neutral.

A rare example of a transitional bedroom that goes daring with bold hues, this bedroom combines the clean lines and metallic accents of Art Deco with the flowery organic details of its predecessor Art Nouveau. The architecture wavers between classic arched windows and ultra-modern ceiling configurations.

Crown molding and delicate boiserie make this space the perfect candidate for transitional design. One of the standout elements in this space is the upholstery – the button tufting on the headboard and pleated backrest on the chair embody classic luxury.

Simplicity often makes transitional themes more effective. This bedroom uses accessories sparingly – restricted to a pair of sculptural table lamps. A faint nature scene on the wall provides decoration without overshadowing the delightful textures that make this space so special.

Sapphire blue textiles set this transitional bedroom apart. Modern elements include the IC pendant lamps by Michael Anastassiades, a handsome choice alongside vintage-inspired accessories like mid-century modern starburst mirror.