10 Stunning Outdoor Shower Spaces That Take You To Urban Paradise

Experience a sanctuary all your own in Bali’s Villa Des Indes. Intricate, traditional patterns engrave the soap and shampoo holder; a bevy of draping ferns and Buddhist court dancer add a touch of the mystical. In an environment that favors moss growth, garden statues will quickly develop a gorgeous verdant patina.

After a less-pebbled look? This white fixture complete with latticed wooden drainage sprays a rainforest shower that lives up to its name.

For a shower that could be replicated at home, this Australian creation proves a winner. Make a clearing along your pebbled pathway to house a large urn, rhododendrons and a full, sand-blasting shower.

Find an outdoor stone platform to cleanse your form upon. Opening through a gorgeous bamboo thicket, this fern and flower retreat uses wood and concrete to take your shower full blast.

Get amongst the greenery with this tropical stone shower. Set atop a lawn with a pebble-lined platform, you can literally smell the freshness from surrounding fauna.

Why not bring the whole bathroom semi-exterior? This tiled enclave in Bali’s Sarinbuana Eco Lodge features potted plants, a stone wall, toilet and shower upon its tiled floor.

For an ensuite doubling as an outside shower, look to Bali’s Chandra Villa. Painted with Balinese characters, five wooden plinths lead to a modern shower in full view of your lover.

Bathe with Balinese dancers in this stone-walled shower sanctuary. Framed by the tall trees of the outside world, polished black stones create an entrance to a pod full of plants.

For those desiring a truly private shower, shroud it in high concrete walls. Give it an edge with borders etched in the standing plinth and wall.

Janni Delér designed another Chandra Villa shower. Based off circular geometric discs, this one-piece wooden fixture cleanses your body beside hanging ferns and a tree. A leaning towel rail adds functional interest.