10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

The studio sleep cube. When faced with the zoning challenges that an open concept studio space presents, a custom-built cube provides a cosy and practical solution.

Split level floors successfully communicate zoning too. This studio bedroom space is raised onto a luxurious stone slab to establish a clear divide in function from an adjacent lounge area.

Glass wall rooms also allow the line of sight to pass through unobstructed, which makes the whole apartment feel larger. A small bedroom chandelier adds a point of interest.

Partitions can make or break a small layout. Use partial partition walls to visually mark the change in function without fully cutting off the floor area.

The Murphy bed. When a small room has to function as several different things, such as a work space or a lounge, a fold-away Murphy bed makes the ultimate space-saving solution.

Floating desks and vanities. When floor space is restricted, desks and dressing tables are best raised off the floor to avoid the clutter and tripping hazard of support legs. Better yet, combine both functions into one piece with a long work surface and a wall mirror.

A shallow attic space can be turned into a snug bedroom for a book lover with a few custom-cut wall shelves and a simple floor bed.

Pack and stack. Long, narrow homes require creative planning with modules and interlocking blocks. A bedroom nook can be lofted above storage space or even into void headspace above a bathtub or toilet in a neighbouring bathroom.

Fully utilise all nooks and alcoves. This small nook is just large enough to hold a double bed. However, by raising the bedstead up onto a mid-level platform, there becomes a huge storage space underneath. The elevated floor also facilitates access to a high recess, ideal for clothes storage, which would otherwise have been wasted.

Framed to perfection. A frame of book shelves, decorative nooks and a single wardrobe makes an attractive and practical containment unit for this small bedroom.