10 Shower Room Design

There’s nothing quite as liberating as taking a shower in the great outdoors, but if your location or typical weather forecast doesn’t allow this luxury, then how about one of these dual aspect windows that look both out and up, forming a cutaway of your room for an outdoor effect.

This master suite really has it all: a serene sleep area, a walk-in closet, and a truly enormous shower taking center stage.

Another great application of LEDs make this shower room stand out, but lets hope the inhabitants of the next skyscraper over don’t own binoculars.

This has got to be both the prettiest and most practical solution to outdoor showering, incorporating a softly sweeping decked walkway that is privately shrouded by nature itself. There is even a handy place to perch your shower potions, perfect.

This traditional room receives a blast of modernity in the form of a vivid pink pop

This unusual layout gives the shower its own stage.

Open plan en suites make bathing a fluid continuation of the everyday bedroom based dressing regime.

Don’t forget the towel storage!

A head-height sliver of nature gives an attractive view from this shower cubicle.

A swathe of mosaic tiles cover the shower area over and around this sunken bath tub.