10 Relaxing Living Rooms with Gorgeous, Modern Sofas

The pitched roof in this stylish home from visualizer Visual gives the living room a bit of height. Coupled with the low, angular sofa and modern sling chairs, the contrast creates visual interest while serving its practical purpose.

Speaking of creative roofs and ceilings, the exposed brick ceiling in this living room from the same visualizer is so stunning that it’s easy to get lost in it. It stands again in contrast to the simplicity and clean lines of the neutral colored furnishings.

The patterns in this lovely living room from visualizer Gaurav are a bit whimsical and distinctly feminine. From the delicate wallpaper to the bold zebra print rug, each piece plays together for a cozy bohemian feel.

Because dark colors can make a room feel more closed in than welcoming, they only work in a living room like this that has plenty of natural light. The contrast in the wood flooring helps, too. The long swing arm wall lamp adds interest to the vertical space.

It can be tricky to decorate a living room with vaulted ceilings like these. The trick is to not try to compete. A long and low sofa in a nice neutral tone lets you marvel at the structure comfortably. Splashes of yellow add a sunny touch.

This large, open living room calls attention to the large windows, which feature gauzy white curtains that will keep out the harshest sun and heavier window treatments you can pull closed for even more privacy, or a sunset movie screening.

With a simple gray sofa and a couple of Eames-style rocking chairs, this apartment living room is an easy example of mid-century influence on contemporary design.

In a small apartment, a sofa might serve many purposes. This modern futon design can be a guest bed, a nap room, a sitting area, and a place for the dog. Sometimes it might have to be everything all at once.

If you ever wondered what Santa’s house would look like if he shopped at Pottery Barn, you have your answer in this Scandinavian-inspired living room. And judging by the AJ floor lamp, you would have to say this Santa is pretty design conscious too!

With inspiration from Japanese design, this cool, easy living room could entertain a CEO as soon as a toddler.