10 Red Bedrooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Match a dramatic red accent wall with one hero piece of furniture. This beautiful embossed feature wall lends its deep red tone to a bedroom chair by the window, where it is framed by sheer white drapes. Note how the two circle lights echo the circular pattern of the feature wall too, to build a rippling shape theme in the room.

Let red rein from ceiling to floor. The fiery orange-red wall paint in this bedroom scheme follows on from a solid red ceiling. A deeper red headboard overlays the paintwork, and stretches the colour out over pale wood flooring. White elements clean up the colour scheme, whilst golden accents add luxe.

Go maximalist in a minimalist setting. When decorating a pared back minimalist bedroom that’s all clear of clutter, colour can apply all of the personality to the room. Bleed a red ceiling into 360º red walls, doors, furniture, essentials and floor. The window reveals in this all out red room have been coated in a light reflective white paint to prevent the colour block from feeling oppressive.

Pick a pattern. A patterned red bedroom curtain and cushion set will add a cohesive colour story to even a plain room. However, you can amp up the effect of your new home decor elements by colour matching your wall paint to their pattern. Take a sample of your fabric to the paint mixing desk at your local DIY store for a bespoke match.

Apply as a bold backdrop. Red has been used as a backdrop behind a towering home library in this cosy book lover’s bedroom. A crisp red bed set compliments the wall paint.

If bright red isn’t your bag, then how about a gothic dark red bedroom. This amazing burgundy boiserie encased space is dramatised even further by red lighting around its deeply decorative cornice.

A touch of theatrics. Heavy plush red curtains put on quite the performance at the windows of a monochrome bedroom design. They could also be used as a portiere in a studio space, or to conceal the messy contents of an open fronted wardrobe.

The red paint effect in this bedroom has been applied loosely around the lower quarter of the walls, to match two-tone window drapes. A red bed base and red bedding set flood more colour into the base of the room.

Use colour to define the sleep zone in a large room. Applying a block of colour around the bed makes the sleep zone feel more contained and cosy within a wide open space. A red and black Yin and Yang shelving unit ties the colour of these walls and bed together. A white modern chandelier stands out in form, rather than colour.

Commission a bespoke red headboard. The red and white sections of this tufted headboard design create a striking striped effect. Throw on some pillows to match and you’re done.