10 Red Bathrooms Design Ideas With Tips To Decorate And Accessorize Yours

Another run at a red on red theme, only this time there are clean white ceramics to disrupt the solidity.

Make a green view really pop. As red and green are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, they create high contrast when put side by side. Frame your green garden view with red interior walls, floors and ceiling.

Red as a classic colour. Red wainscot and boiserie look the business in a bathroom. This traditional styling works best with traditional silhouettes for toilets and sinks. Complete the look with a set of elegant wall sconces, and a black and white tiled floor.

Red razzmatazz. Red carpets are rolled out at big showbiz bashes, so we associate the rich colour with a bit of glitz and glamour. Make your own showstopper with ruby red bathroom walls, a unique red accent chair, and one Hollywood-worthy chandelier in the starring role.

Roll out your own red carpet. Once you’ve created an award worthy feature, roll out a red bathroom rug to beat a path to it.

Look into the light. Solid red decor can have a darkening effect, especially in a small space, so be sure to install ample light to keep the bathroom at a comfortable level for your needs. The solid light box frame around this double sink bathroom vanity mirror is electrifying.

Red and ribbed. Ribbed wall panels build a pinstripe pattern of light and shade.

Transform a red and white bathroom design from an ‘ok for now’ to a definite ‘wow’, with strong black base notes. Black swing arm wall lamps, black framed vanity mirrors, and black towel rails all fit the bill.

Glam up red furniture with golden hardware. This red and gold bathroom furniture has a high contrast teal background to amplify its colour.

Two types of tile, two strong colours.