10 Rattan Pendant Lights to Catch the Hottest Trends

Large Rattan Pendant Light: Large and prominent, yet discreet enough to perfectly blend into the environment, this rattan pendant light might be just what you’re looking for.

Coastal Rattan Pendant Light: No seaside vibes are complete without proper lighting, and this rattan pendant light delivers.

Transparent Rattan Pendant Light Shades: Mixing and matching an inherently organic material such as rattan with industrial style is not something that will easily come to mind.

Rattan Wicker Pendant Light: Rattan fixtures add dimension to the room with their texturised, layered appearance.

Intricate Rattan Wicker Pendant Light: An untypical, intricate design makes this rattan pendant light a great addition to any room, feeling both decorative and functional.

Curved Rattan Pendant Light Shades: Very natural and very modern, that’s how we would describe this rattan light if someone asked.

Ikea Sinnerlig Drum Wicker Pendant: This Ikea rattan pendant is very structured with dominant, geometric character.

Sculptural Woven Bamboo Pendant Light: Did we say, bamboo rattan is like the traditional rattan but with a twist? Well, how about a couple of twists, or rather, a whole wave? This statement pendant light is all you need to make a strong, memorable statement in your home interior.

Woven Black Rattan Pendant Light: Unique pendant hand-woven of natural bamboo creates an inviting atmosphere in any space.

Minimal Rattan Pendant Light Shade: This woven drum pendant highlights all advantages of rattan design.