10 Pink Bathrooms With Tips, Photos And Accessories To Help You Decorate Yours

Pink and precise. This pastel pink bathroom is made neat and sweet with very precise lines of pink statement. A pink vanity unit aligns edge-to-edge with its pink backsplash wall, and a pink vertical radiator drizzles another line of delicious strawberry icecream colour.

Tiptoe on terrazzo. Give a pink bathroom a stylish statement floor by laying terrazzo. It’s confetti pattern is spot on trend right now, and it gives a fun edge to a plain pink scheme.

Or, back up your colour scheme with a terrazzo backsplash. A rose terrazzo backsplash brings in colour whilst avoiding solidity, so would be a great option for tinting an white based bathroom. Or, team rose terrazzo with pink concrete walls for an all out and stunning textured alternative.

Go glam with golden accents. A pink and gold bathroom palette holds undeniable glamour and, in this case, a certain vintage charm.

Go up the glamour scale by bringing in sparkling crystal bathroom lights and miles of marble.

Make the most of your new colour scheme by investing in a whole host of pink bathroom accessories too. This pink vanity unit is topped with a set of pink candle holders. Don’t forget to grab pink towels, washcloths and pink soap dispensers while you’re at it.

This unique bathroom sink sets quite the style statement. The single towering column of pink ceramic would be enough to set the trend on its own, but we get a double pink whammy with a pink toilet here too.

Green has similar contrasting effect, although a deep leaf green tends to build more of a feeling of calm, like a walk through the park in a pink sunset. This pink and green bathroom design splits the colour ratio 50/50; light pink paintwork brightens the upper half of the walls, whilst green tile and bathroom furniture weigh the lower segment.

Work light and shade into solid sections of colour by utilising different textured wall panels, like this beautiful ribbed backsplash wall.

Speaking of electrifying…